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Wander/Lust – Greece and Ancient Greek Sandals

Happy Friday! Today is a public holiday in Singapore but unfortunately I am sticking around town, booo.  So today I thought I would let my mind wander a bit but also indulge my love for fashion.  And of course, when you travel to a new destination, there is always one item that you pick up as a souvenir, no?  So whilst this isn’t a souvenir per se, or who knows, maybe it could be?  The item I am lusting after is definitely inspired by this gorgeous country.

Now, if money were no object… I’d be in Greece right now supporting their economy! I’m not sure why I never made it there and I am seriously kicking myself for not going when I lived in London… So for now, I just have to contend myself with beautiful pictures of Santorini.


Santorini, Greece
Ikaria SandalsFotini Sandals

I found this line of sandals when walking around the other day and it was LUST at first sight.  How fun are they?  Totally brings a bit of Greece to your step!  Not only are they made in Greece, they have a variety of styles and colors.  I’m sure there is one that you’ll find that is perfect for the summer!  You can find these sandals at Ancient Greek Sandals.

So, if you were to go to your dream destination, what do you think you’d pick up?


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  • I still want to travel to Australia and I really want to go to Thailand. One of my friends that does youtube vlogged her travels in Thailand and I was incredibly jealous. Hopefully, that will be in my future one day!

    • I’ve not been to Australia (I know! Shame on me, it’s “close” by!) but Thailand is amazing. I love it there and you should definitely try to go!!!

  • So our thing that we do, whenever we travel is getting a coffee mug. We have different opinions about which one to get, so we usually get our own. I don’t like the super-touristy ones, so I usually try to venture to the smaller shops to find mine. We’re coffee & tea drinkers, so we like our mugs 🙂

    Those sandals are so cute!

    • I like the idea of coffee mugs! I’m with you on trying to find a smaller shop for something more unique! I love those sandals! 🙂

  • Ireland is my dream destination! I just think it looks so beautiful plus how cute are their accents 🙂 Those sandals are adorable!

    • Irish accents are amazing!! And sadly, I never made it to Ireland either! But it is stunning!!! The sandals are fun! Adds a little je ne sais quoi to an outfit, if only they weren’t so expensive!!

  • Oh my gosh these sandals are amazing!!

    • Aren’t they just?!? Check out their website, they have loads of amazing styles and colors!!!

  • clara mcmillan

    Now you have me dreaming of Greece & these fabulous sandals!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire