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Stay Redang: Wisana Village

Wisana Village, Redang

The road to Redang lead us to the Wisana Village.  I was under the impression that there weren’t many places to stay in Redang and actually, there aren’t.  They range from top-end to more budget hotels and they’re spread around the island.  We stayed at the Wisana Village, which was pretty basic but an absolute gem of a place.

Road to Redang Wisana Village, RedangWhen we pulled up to the hotel, I fell in love with its charm.  Quaint and cosy, it definitely wasn’t one of those cookie-cutter resort type hotels.  It’s not a big hotel at all, they only have 10 rooms and they do get booked up pretty quickly.  Wisana Village, Redang Wisana Village, Redang Wisana Village, RedangUpon arriving, we waited for them to hand out our room keys.  But at this point, I was so enthralled with the view.  I think we all were! We kind of scattered apart, taking it all in and preserving our memories with hundreds of photos.

Once we were handed our room keys, we all went to our rooms.  It was cute, but like I said, very basic.  It definitely was vastly different from my room in Phuket! But nevertheless, it had what you needed – beds and a bathroom! For some reason, I failed to take a picture of the room but I’m sure you can picture two queen size beds in a room – there was a chest of drawers and a wardrobe, but it was otherwise sparsely furnished! Or if you really want to see the rooms, click here. I did get a picture of the bathroom though! HAWisana Village, RedangWe quickly all congregated outside and in that water.  I mean, I can’t get over that water!Wisana Village, RedangThe main point of coming to Redang is to relax.  There is nothing to do here other than swim, swim and swim some more.  I should say there is FANTASTIC diving in Redang, so if you’re a diver, then don’t miss out!  I definitely fell in love with diving again after this trip!

Or if you’re smart enough to have brought some cards or board games, then that’s allowed too! They do have a little library with books in random languages left from travelers over the years, or bring your own! They do have a little TV area if you fancy some telly in the evening.Wisana Village, Redang Wisana Village, RedangOr you can chill on the beanbags, away from the heat of the sun. I definitely spent some time on the beanbags curled up with a book.  Although admittedly, I didn’t get far.  They even have a chess board and a jenga-type game available if you so wish. Wisana Village, RedangWisana Village, RedangAs there is no restaurants to go to, the hotel is all inclusive.  So breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are all provided served buffet style.  And it all comes with the most gorgeous view. You’ll barely notice the carb heavy menu! They did have chicken, meat, etc which was yummy, but the menu was definitely heavy on the carbs. Wisana Village, RedangWisana Village, RedangWisana Village, RedangWisana Village, RedangAs we were a big group, we did request a beach seafood BBQ (for an extra charge) on the Saturday night we were there.  They really went all out for us for our dinner.  Have you ever had stingray? It was absolutely delicious! Much better then the time I tried it in Penang last year.  It was a super chilled evening with good food amongst good friends.  And oh, I should note that as we were in Malaysia and Malaysia is a Muslim country, the hotel does not have alcohol.  Before we arrived, we did ask if we could BYOB and they kindly agreed, so we did have wine and spirits to go with our meal. Wisana Village, Redang Wisana Village, Redang Wisana Village, RedangNow, I’m going to get properly scolded by Thomas for telling you about this place.  So shhhh! Don’t let the word out about Wisana Village!  Wisana Village, RedangI honestly hope I can make it back to this gem of a place as soon as possible!

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  • So so so beautiful! Looks like somewhere the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would stay. And fight. Haha!

    • Ahahaha. We did get told off by one one of the guests – she pointed out that we shouldn’t be drinking. A fight could have happened… But it didn’t.. HA

  • Jen

    Now that is my kind of place!

  • Natasha Hoover

    Basic looking, sure, but also awesome looking! It kind of reminds me of a place we stayed on Big Island a couple years ago. It turns out the bathrooms were semi-open air without a fourth wall. It was both sort of interesting to see out into the jungle and a little bit odd…

    • Ooh yeah, its quite common to have outdoor bathrooms here in SE Asia at the hotels..! I quite like them cos it’s different!

  • Oh my goodness this looks like such a cute and fun place to stay! When you’re staying in a place like Redang you really don’t need a ton of luxury in your room when you have that amazing view! That’s awesome that they let you BYOB!

    • Exactly…! Most of the time, you’re not in your room anyway, so it doesn’t matter!! It’s all about that beach and that view!!

  • Okay, I need to go here. It looks so relaxing. Maybe one day.

  • It looks so heavenly! I love the outdoor drapery.

  • This looks like such an amazing place to stay-those views! SO gorgeous!

    • Hey…! It was stunning, definitely one of the best places around SE Asia in a while…! Thanks for coming by! 🙂

  • That’s such a neat place and I think I’d prefer the smaller places to stay! It’s more intimate and definitely so relaxing. I’ve been to a couple of resorts, they’re nice and all but don’t understand why it costs an arm and a leg. They don’t have that many amenities!

    • Yeah, I’m not a fan of huge resorts… They may be fancy but I find them to be so impersonal, I much prefer smaller places!

  • clara mcmillan

    So incredible, the color of that water. Just wow!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire

  • perfect!! i like resorts and i like no muss, no fuss places too. this looks right up my alley!!

    • It was great for a weekend…! Although I could have done with a little luxury after a while… 😉

  • I want to write more exciting comments but I feel like all I can ever come up with on your blog is WOW! Because, wow! So unbelievably gorgeous! that bathroom and shower combo is pretty funny but I kinda like that it has a vibe like it’s outdoors. The grounds are incredible. You are a lucky girl.

    • Aww, thanks lady…! I have been lucky this year with all the travels, making up for lost time since last year was a bit of a wasted year…!

  • Wisana village looks so seclude and beautiful! White sand and deep blue water. I wish I could go there for the weekend! I had sting ray the other week, and it was delicious, but I’d bet it wasn’t half as good as the one you had on the beach:)

    • The sting ray was fresh as..! So delicious, I’m glad I tried it again…! I hope you make it here, girl!!

  • It looks amazing! Not basic at all. And omg that seafood….!!

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