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I Woke Up Older Today

I woke up older today.  The calendar reads 23 August and well, guess that was when I was born, many a moons ago.  So, happy birthday to me! 😉

Happy Birthday!

But let’s take a trip down memory lane of previous Singapore birthdays past, shall we?  I must admit, I have had some pretty good birthdays in the previous years… And the older I get, the more low key my birthdays get.  

I started off with a low key birthday 3 years ago.  In fact, I had nothing planned but my friend insisted we do something, so we did.  I found myself on top of the world – literally, sort of – at 1- Altitude. 1-Altitude is one of those rooftop bars up high on the 64th floor.  I have to say, you do get pretty spectacular views on the city. Goodness, I looked so young back then…! What happened?!Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!The following year, I had an early birthday in Bali and then a proper one back in Sing.  The super grainy picture of that dessert is priceless.  I mean, it’s not every day that your name gets transformed to JULLY!! I love that spelling, I may have to change it to that… What do you think?

And then I had a big birthday bash because, why not? Dinner was held and then we all went to this club high up in the air again. I think there’s a theme going on?? Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!Last year, my birthday was more low key.  We went to Penang! That was such a fun trip with my nearest and dearest! E&O, Penang, George Town, Malaysia E&O, Penang, George Town, MalaysiaAnd this year? This year will be even more low key with a simple dinner.  And oh, I gave myself an awesome birthday trip – East Timor! But I’ll be traveling on my own; it’s been ages since I’ve traveled solo and I’m quite excited about it.  Would you take a holiday on your own?

I am more then ready to close this chapter of my life behind – it has been an emotionally difficult year for me, I’m not going to lie.  So here’s to another year! I can only look forward, focus on myself and have faith that a glittery path awaits!

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  • Jen

    Happy Happy Happy Birthday, sweet friend!!!! <3

  • Happy birthday!!! I hope you have the most beautiful day!

  • Happy birthday!! May this be your best year yet!

  • Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to read all about the adventures you have on your solo birthday trip!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! I’m loving reading up about your European trip!!

  • Happy birthday sweet! 🙂 Hoping for happier years ahead! 🙂

    Yes, I would travel alone; do anything alone! You know I like to see movies alone! Lol. It’s the only child in me.
    Anyway, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *Throws confetti and glitter and champagne*
    I love you!

  • Hello and happy birthday! MiliWifey told me about you and it is terrific to meet! Enjoy your special day!

  • Happy birthday from LB in Chicago (rescue dog mom and author friend of Military Pug wife). Such a beautiful birthday to be celebrated. Let there be cake and alcohol.

    • I’m so chuffed to have you pop over to wish me a happy birthday!! Let there definitely be cake and alcohol!! Cheers, friend!

  • Natasha N

    Happy Birthday and have fun on your trip!!! That’s a funny name spelling fail. My husband’s name actually gets spelled incorrectly very frequently and it’s funny to see how things turn out.

    • I never realized “Julie” was so hard to spell… But I’ve had it spelled as Juli, July, Joolee, and Jully. HAHA

      Ooh, how do they misspell his name…?

  • sileas

    Happy belated birthday! I started appreciating low key birthdays as well the older I get, or am I just getting lazier? Anyways your recent bdays look actually like a blast!

    • I’m definitely getting lazy… And its more about being surrounded by the people that truly matter to me…!

  • Happy Birthday!!! I agree with sileas your low key birthdays look like a blast! I like low key birthdays now, must be age! Guess what I’ve also had birthdays in Singapore, when I was small!! I lived there till I was 5 🙂

    • No way, I didn’t know you lived here as well…!! That’s amazing! Have you been back since then?

      • Actually my brother was born in Singapore 🙂 Yeah I’ve been back a lot of times, though last time was bout 4-5 years ago!

  • Happy belated birthday to you! It’s so funny but I find myself going for the more low key celebrations the older I get too, but it definitely looks like you had a blast on previous birthdays too! Even though it’s been a tough year I hope that you still had a blast celebrating!

    • Thanks, Ashley!! Yeah, I definitely think low-key is nice, or just an intimate group of friends…! I’m hoping this year will be better, so far so good! 😉

  • Happy Birthday!! Low key is always fun. I actually prefer it 🙂

    Enjoy your glittery path!

  • Happy birthday!! I’m a big fan of low key celebrations too 😉


  • Happy birthday Jully! 🙂 Hope you had a great day with lots of drinks on top of the world. I’m also wondering what happened to all those grandiose birthday celebrations. When I turned 18, I had a party for 100 guests, but the last couple of years, it’s just been Poul and me *feeling old*.

    • Oh wow! I don’t think I even know 100 people to invite- or would even show up! HA. I’m feeling old too!! Sigh.