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Telouet Kasbah

Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? I last left you through the windy roads of the Atlas Mountains and we were heading to Telouet Kasbah.  Actually, I lie and I’ll be dead honest with you – at that time, I had no idea where the F we were heading. I was told to get in a 4×4 that morning and all I knew was: Sahara Desert or bust! Okay, I kinda lied again. Sheesh, I’m so untrustworthy! I did know we were going to spend the first night at a kasbah before getting to the Sahara but I didn’t know where or what it was called because you know, I just didn’t read the wedding website too well. Oops!Telouet Kasbah

Like I had previously mentioned, I had no clue the journey was going to be so freaking long. But at that point, there was not much I could do. My belly was starting to grumble and I knew I was hungry. Luckily, we were soon stopping for lunch in what I now know was Ouarzazate.

Ouarzazate is a region south of the Atlas Mountains and is known to be the gateway to the Sahara Desert. It’s quite a well known region – think Hollywood! – as a few films have been filmed in this area.  Ouarzazate is also the home of a few famous kasbahs. A what?!! A kasbah! What the flipping feck is that? Well, let me tell you, friend! A kasbah is a type of fortress. You know, almost like a castle. Telouet KasbahAnyway, we finally stopped for lunch at Terrase Lion D’Or in Telouet. And it just so happened that there is famous kasbah there – Telouet Kasbah. Telouet Kasbah was on the caravan route back in the days from Ait Ben Haddou (this other amazing kasbah and maybe if you’re a Game of Thrones fan you’ll know what’s up…) to Marrakech and was the home to the Glaoui Family.

The most famous Glaoui family member was Thami El Glaoui. He was also a Pasha of Marrakech. Do you remember me talking about Pasha’s from this post? Needless to say, this family was stupid rich and their location was quite strategic as those along the caravan route often stopped by with gifts. Lucky for some, huh? It also helped that there was a salt mine nearby. But history says that this Thami guy was pretty fierce, if not brutal. Guess you don’t want people trying to take over your land…? Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahSo we stopped for lunch and well, when in Morocco… Yes, we had more tagine but oh em gee. This tagine was divine. We were offered two types – chicken and beef – but as this area is known for their figs, these tagines had some delicious figs in there. Do you like figs? I love figs with something savory and this tagine was one of the 2 best tagines I had in Morocco. So maybe worth going just for that? HeheTelouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahWe stopped inside the souvenir store before heading into the actual kasbah. Rug, anyone? Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahI love how these kasbahs were built from the land. They do look like elaborate mud houses, if you will, but they’re quite impressive to  look at! And can you imagine living inside one of them?Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahI didn’t know what to expect on the inside. I figured it would just be more of the same – dirt walls, floors, etc. Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahSilly me, this was essentially a palace. Of course it’s going to be ornate! Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahLook at all the detailing and those tiles! Just so gorgeous! Apparently it took 300 skilled craftsmen three years to decorate the ceilings and the walls. It’s incredible the amount of work that goes into creating such masterpieces. What’s even more amazing that despite all this time, the Telouet Kasbah is still mainly intact for us to enjoy. Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahAnd what took my breath away was this…Telouet KasbahThat is some ceiling, no? Can you imagine having a ceiling like that in your house? Hehe Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahWe then all went up to the rooftop for some more magnificent views of this village and a better view of the falcon’s birds nests! Well, I think they were falcons. HATelouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet Kasbah Telouet KasbahIs this place amazing or what?Telouet KasbahOur lovely tour guide was full of energy and really fun. You can rock up to the Telouet Kasbah but do expect to pay 10-20 dirhams ($1-2) as entrance fee and don’t forget to tip your guide!

Next up, my night IN a kasbah!


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  • Jen

    I swear you always visit the coolest places! I love the photos, so amazing.

    • I had never heard of this place! I am definitely glad my friend decided to have her wedding in Morocco!

  • Just so amazingly beautiful! The kabash really does blend in with the surroundings so well, and you’d never expect the elaborate detail that’s on the inside. By the way, your sandals were really cute too!

    • I was amazed at all the details inside, so gorgeous and can you imagine what it must have looked like in its pristine condition?

      Sandals were from Target!

  • This place looks so cool! I really wish I could travel more.

    • I am really blessed to have these opportunities. Though I would totally love to start my own family!!

  • THANK YOU for sharing these pictures. They’re incredible to see. The buildings made right out what was already there is just incredible!

    • It truly is amazing to be able to see works of art like this up close and personal. And also be amongst history!

  • The craftsmanship truly is incredible! And I love your sandals.. 😉 Your adventures are absolutely amazing!

  • WOW. First off, the exterior of this place is pretty incredible, but I wasn’t imagining the inside to look like THAT. So unreal. Can I come on one of these trips with you?? 😉 I have serious wanderlust right now!


    • Girl… Maybe before you guys head back to the STates you can make a quick trip down to Morocco???? It’s not far from you at all!! Gooooooo!!!

  • Oh man, oh man, oh man! This place looks unbelievably awesome! I would beyond adore going exploring this world. That ceiling is SO beautiful.

  • That is not what I expected to see on the inside, so beautiful and I’m always a fan of the tile work. The ladies in the program we’re in are making a trip out that way. I can’t go, but it looks like an awesome adventure!

    • You will have the opportunity while in Slovenia – you’ll be so close!! Or is Morocco on the cannot go to list dictated by the military?

  • sileas

    Whoa I’ve never thought the inside looked like that! Gorgeous! The whole setting just looks kinda surreal.. And Tajine with figs? Yes please!

    • That tagine was soooo damn good. Omg, I’d go back right now if I could just for that!! You should add it to your list seeing that Morocco is not far from Austria…..

  • Gosh, those colors and patterns! I can’t imagine how beautiful it would’ve been back in the day. Hmm…tht graffiti though…