Living in Limbo

Living in limbo is so annoying. I know I’m not the only person that feels like this, but seriously, how frustrating is it?! Throw me a life saver, will ya?

And oh, before I delve in, Hello, March! Wasn’t expecting you so soon! But here you are! Let me prep my house for you because it’s a mess! Banyan Tree

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what’s really going on in this part of the web because let’s face it, my Morocco recaps are coming at snails pace and was now so long ago so let me bring this blog a little more up to date, shall we? Hehe

So for quite some time, I was thinking of packing things up here in the Little Red Dot moving back to the US of A. It was time to be closer to family; my parents aren’t getting any younger and it makes me so sad that I am missing my little nephew growing up – and there’s another one on the way!

But then, Leroy came into my life and messed everything up! In the nicest way, of course. But life would have been easier if he was American and heading back to the US instead of NZ. Hehe But because our relationship got super serious super fast, he asked me to join him in NZ once he was set up, etc and I said, sure! Have I ever been to NZ? Nope! Then again, I had been to Singapore for a weekend and then decided to move here. What can I say? I jump first and then think. But it worked out!

Do the plans you make always pan out? Well, mine sure don’t!

Moving to NZ would have been the easy option; my job in Singapore was most likely coming to an end and since the economy here has been down in the dumps, trying to find another job would have been akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Employment passes for foreigners are harder to obtain now, so I was prepping to leave the Little Red Dot and was telling my friends I was most likely leaving in a few months time.

So this whole year, I’ve been trying to figure out what I was doing. I know, I’m super dramatic with this whole year statement. 😉 But not knowing was stressful. IS stressful. I still don’t really know what is happening as its contingent on so many things happening for it to work out.

This is where things stand:

Stay in Singapore – looks like I found that needle and am waiting for an offer. However, Leroy needs a job here, we are waiting to hear back from his interview last week. So, fingers crossed!

Move to NZ – I plan on leaving my current career behind and retraining. I have a couple of avenues I’m looking to pursue but also means finding the right school in NZ for this next step. I was/am really excited for this!


Temporarily move back to NYC while I wait for Leroy to get set up in NZ and then move to NZ.

And oh, there’s the big George dilemma. He’s obviously moving to wherever I move to, but if I go back to NYC for a while, where will he go? I can’t have him flying to NYC and then NZ. I know he wants to be a jet setter but he doesn’t have the funds for that yet. All jokes aside, it is not only super expensive – I’m looking at $2-3k to move him, but also really stressful on him with the super duper long haul flights.

So, I’m taking bets. What do you think will happen? Hehe

Stay tuned.



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  • Hanna

    Luckily you have options! Even I know three and more options can be/get confusing. I´m pretty sure both of you get good offers and then you have the next dilemma; which one to choose.. I so know the feeling. GOOD LUCK, can´t wait to hear what happens.

    • Thank you, Hanna! I’m eagerly awaiting to hear what the next chapter of my life is going to be like!!

  • Not knowing sucks so much, especially when it comes to figuring out where you’re actually going to be living! Hopefully you’ll be able to get things figured out soon and you and Leroy can start your lives together soon rather than later! On the bright side, all of those options sound pretty awesome in my opinion!

    • Fingers crossed!! It will work out the way its meant to be… And even now, we still don’t know what is happening. ARGH!!

  • Jen

    So many options but they are all good options if you really think about it. I know you will make the choice that is best for you.

  • Move to New York!!!!! lol

  • I feel for you, friend. This sounds like quite a situation to work through. I CANNOT believe it is that ungodly expensive to travel with George. That’s bananas!!! I hope you find clarity soon about which direction to head.

    • I know, moving a pet to another country is insane!! Thank God that if we end up back in the US, George won’t have to be quarantined. That is the only saving grace!

  • Little Miss Fashion Queen

    Oh gosh girl! Decisions, decisions. I love America, so I say here. Haha!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire

  • Why don’t you take Leroy and George and move to Dubai? 🙂 Which field are you planning to retrain in? I could imagine you being a super awesome figure skater? Or rodeo champion? I’m super excited to see where in the world you’ll end up, and what you’ll end up doing!

    • Ahahahaha you’re hilarious. When I was a kid, I had dreams of being a figure skater but now, no more… 😉 I’m looking for careers that are more portable, so last night I went to an intro to UX design class which was super interesting! We’ll see…!!

  • I liked NZ when I visited there once. It could be fun to do for a year. Still hoping the job works out for him there, as that’s easiest.

    • Yes, we are waiting to hear back… It’s taking so long, I’m starting to lose hope! I am dying to go to NZ!! When were you there?

  • Natasha N

    NZ is absolutely beautiful! How difficult would it be for you to move there for a while? I know their immigration laws are pretty strict and they have this huge points system, but maybe it’s easier to just move there to work for a while? I’m sure whatever way things go, something will come along and it will all work out. =)

    • I have a couple of choices in getting to NZ – get a job or through a student visa. Or I could go and hang out for 3 months on a tourist visa. The problem is what I currently do for a living is not really done out of NZ.. Sigh. But I will trust the process, all will work out some way or another!!

  • Ahh so many choices!! Exciting but also stressful! I suggest doing whatever your heart tells you – that way you have no regrets. Can’t wait to see which path you choose!


  • Wow what an exciting whirlwind! I totally understand being stressed out making those huge life decisions when so much is unknown but wow it seems like it’s totally working out perfectly!

    • We get so used to routine of sorts… So when something comes along and disrupts that, for better or for worse, it is nerve wracking! Thank you so much for dropping on by! 🙂

  • Oh wow, you have decisions! I’d go to NYC personally, because I love it there 😉

    • NYC is a great city, I love, love the city. But truth is, I don’t miss the stress that comes with living in a huge city… I love to visit, but I have doubts about moving back!!

  • sileas

    Decisions, decisions… I totally understand you. I’m in a distance relationship with my bf since more than 3 years and it’s time to be in the same place physically. He lives in NY, so not a bad place at all. Anyways, whatever will happen at the end, I’ll keep fingers crossed for all of you!

    • Ahhhh, that’s why you’re in the US quite often… 😉 It all makes sense now!! I’ve done more then my fair share of LDR and I’m at a point where I can’t/won’t do it anymore. Fingers crossed for you lady, that you guys can finally live in the same place soon!

  • Pinay Skattebasse

    All the best in whatever decision you make Julie. 🙂 Love conquers all. 🙂 NZ would be great, I guess. Hehe

  • So many choices! Ahhhh BUT they’re the best kind of choices because they’re for wonderful reasons! I obviously learned quickly that I was willing to move wherever Ryan had to, but it’s a huge ask! I’m keeping everything crossed for you! xo

  • This sounds vaguely familiar 🙂 as someone who is so close to a big overseas move I can see the whites of its eyes, I can sympathise with the nature of making a big choice! I’m sure you’ll make the right one for you. Any/all of them sound like great opportunities, how exciting!

    • I am blessed that I do have choices, but… All in all, it will work out in one way or another… Patience, patience I keep telling myself… 😉 I’m excited for your move to Oz, will be following along!

  • What? You took such a short time to decide on Singapore? Wow I love that kind of attitude and spontaneity! Thankfully you love this country =) All the best for your next plans, do keep us updated!

    • I am truly enjoying life in Singapore!! I never thought I would end up living here, but here I am! And it was soo awesome to meet you!!

      • Same here! Happy to meet you guys and hear about the different stories as well! =))

  • RunawayBrit

    I work on two year contracts in International Schools, and I have the ‘living in limbo’ dilemma every other year when I am deciding whether to renew a contract or go somewhere new. I also had a guy come into my life unexpectedly and throw all my plans into disarray, so I understand your dilemma! One thing I have learned – 7 countries later – is that if you just hold on, then things always turn out in the end, no matter how bumpy the journey there is. Good luck!!!

    • Where are you based? I was trying to see if you had a blog so I could stalk you 😉 Right, you have things more or less sorted out and then we have to go and meet someone… Hehehe You’re so right, everything will fall into place, just need a little patience. I’m so tired of being patient!! 😉 Good luck to you!!

  • Boyfriends tend to screw everything up don’t they, haha, jokes…. but (especially in regards to expat life) not really…

    • They do!! Hehe Esp when it comes to visas..! Wish we could live in a border free world, but argh. Things are only getting harder…!