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Raja Ampat

If you were go to Google “Raja Ampat,”  you’ll basically see one picture that is the Raja Ampat picture. When I got there, I realized how many islands there are in the region and how was I going to get to that place? I mean, Google told me that that was Raja Ampat and well, I wanted to see it! HARaja Ampat

Obviously the staff of the Gangga Divers at Papua Paradise Eco Resort were clued in that most people come to Raja Ampat and want to go there.  From Papua Paradise, they had a day trip to Fam where we would have 3 dives and also hike up to the lookout point to get that view.  Or if you don’t dive, then you can snorkel.

We left the resort at 7:30am as to get out to Fam, the boat trip is about 1.5 hours. On the way out there, we were blessed with a beautiful rainbow as well as dolphins swimming by our boat. There is nothing more spectacular then being graced by these beautiful mammals! Raja Ampat Raja AmpatBe warned, this post will be heavy on the pictures!

Raja AmpatRaja Ampat Raja AmpatTo get to this part of Raja Ampat, you do have to pay a conservation fee. Our resort paid for our boat to get in, so I am not sure what the fee is.  I would also recommend you bring some money with you. Unfortunately, no one brought any cash with us because we’d be diving and our lunch was provided, but when you pull up, there’s a lady selling fresh coconut water and some snacks. Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja AmpatYou do have to go up a stupid amount of stairs to get to the lookout point and well, after having done a dive, I did notice it was a bit hard going up in altitude. You’re actually not meant to go directly after a dive, but errrm. Shhh. Raja Ampat Raja AmpatThe steps are not exactly even but after 10 minutes or so, we were up there. And be warned, it is packed with tourists so you do have to be patient and wait your turn to get the pictures you want. But then, you see the most beautiful view ever! Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja AmpatThat is pretty spectacular, no?Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Raja AmpatAfter a while, we climbed back down and we got our coconuts as one of one of the divemasters had some cash.  We pulled out and headed to the next dive site.

I still get goosebumps when I think of this place. Everything about it was just so damn gorgeous. And that water! I do hope I make it back out here at least one more time in my lifetime!!

Well, this weekend is a long weekend for us and I’m off to Hanoi with my friend! Have a great weekend!

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  • Simply breathtaking!! The pictures alone don’t do it justice, I bet!! Thanks for the visit to paradise.

  • It’s so beautiful!!

    • Girl, it’s one of the prettier places I’ve been. Sigh. I’d rather be there then here…

  • sileas

    Yup, I know what you mean with those pictures! Reminds me very much of Palau, another gorgeous island group where I got goosebumps thinking of it 🙂

    • There are so many beautiful places in this world… Slowly getting there, will have to check out Palau now… 😉

  • Every single one of those steps sounds absolutely worth it to get that amazing view! I’m glad that your guide had some cash though so you could try out the coconut water!

    • I love coconut water, so was nice to have something other then plain water! The views were simply stunning!

  • Jen

    That rainbow is amazing! All of these photos are just stunning.

  • WOW! Stunning pictures! At least the hike up the stairs was worth it for the view.

  • Seriously this place looks like an absolute dream, and how fun that you got to see dolphins as well!?