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Three Things Survey

Another week begins and I am hoping to get my Hanoi posts up shortly as well as finishing up with Morocco and Ipoh. Haha See, I told you that time was slipping by. Sigh. But today, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and let’s do the 3 Things Survey. After seeing Erica’s post, I figured what a good way to kick off the week and for you to get to know me a little better. You’re welcome. HA

So without further adieu… Let’s get to it!Gems of Raja Ampat

Three things I’d never give up 

My passport, the chance of an adventure and champagne.

Three favorite vegetables

Sugar snap peas, broccoli and tomatoes. Oh wait, that is a fruit, so I’ll say onions – does that make me weird??!?!

Three shows I’ve watched faithfully to the end

Gilmore Girls, The OC and Gossip Girl

Three places I want to visit in the US

Jackson Hole, Charleston, SC and Zion National Park

Three places I want to visit outside the US

Iran, Bhutan and Antarctica

Three things I always have with me

My iPhone, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment and a hair tie

Three things that are always in my car

Umm, nothing! I don’t own a car and never have. I have a license but I don’t think you’d want me behind the wheel!

Three most recent calls were from/to:

Bhavesh, my parents and the taxi driver in Vietnam haha

Three most often used makeup products

Mascara, eyeliner and Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

Three things that make me laugh

My friends in this chat group we’re in/time with my friends, George when he’s in his sprint pose and conversations with my mom 🙂

Three things that make me cry

Animals that get abused, a beautiful landscape that I get to see in real life, and in all honesty, the state of the world we live in today.

Well, it’s always fun to end something like this on a somber note… Join in on the fun, will you? I wanna read your answers. 🙂


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  • I’ve been much more into champagne lately! Yum! So interesting that you’ve never owned a car! I’m kind of envious of that idea. What is your main way of traveling for day to day stuff? Train?

    • I used either the MRT (the subway) or the bus. If I’m lazy, then I’ll take a taxi… Luckily, public transportation in Singapore is quite cheap, so are taxis. To own a car here is SOOO expensive. It will set you back about $200k to get a car on the road and for not even a fancy car, like a Toyota or Honda. So umm, I don’t have that kind of money…!

  • sileas

    Haha always fun to read such things 😀

  • These are seriously so much fun to read, and I would love to answer these questions too! You’re totally not weird about liking onions because I love them too! I mean I wouldn’t eat them raw, but we always end up adding way too many to all of our meals that we’re cooking!

    • Yes, you should do it cos they are definitely fun to read! Ooh, I love raw red onions in my salads. Yum!

  • You and my husband with the OC. Gahhh…lol. He’s always referencing the OC and who was on it.

  • Jen

    Zion National Park is absolutely amazing!!!! 🙂 I spend a lot of time there when I was growing up. We always went camping there and went tubing down the river.

    • I would love, love to go! Looks absolutely amazing…! And it makes me realize how little I have seen of the US…

  • I’ve finally been somewhere you haven’t! Haha. I’ve been to those 3 US places! Love the paw paw ointment.

    • Hehe I’ve actually not been to many points of interest in the US. I definitely need to explore the US more!

  • Natasha N

    We would really love to visit Zion, too. It looks so absolutely amazing! I’ve never heard of this Luca Pawpaw ointment – I’ll have to check it out! I’m a chapstick addict and my husband loves lotion. (That sounds weird, I know, but he has a genetic skin condition on his hands so he’s really into using creamy lotions.)

    • Paw Paw ointment is the best! I use it for chapped lips, mosquito bites, burns, etc. Zion looks stunning!!

  • I love Gilmore Girls too! It’s one of my all time favorite shows.

  • So fun to read your answers! I also watched OC, but they lost me after the first season. Wonder what happened later? Now you had me Google up Luca’s Papaw Ointment. Looks interesting. Is it like a papaya Eight Hour Cream?

    • I don’t think so. I use it for chapped lips, mosquito bites, rashes, random eczema I get. It’s multi-purpose and really awesome!!