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A Wedding in Bali

Hello, hello! Last weekend I was in Bali for the wedding of the year! I can’t believe that my good friend, Jeff, married the woman of his dreams – she is pretty awesome!

I flew into Bali last Friday night and checked into my hotel and ordered a quick dinner before I crashed.  The next morning, it was a lazy start to the day poolside until it was time to head down to the wedding.A Wedding in Bali

I had never been to the Uluwatu part of Bali and am totally in love with that area. It’s truly a surfer’s paradise as Uluwatu is known to have some of the best surf breaks in the world and what puts Bali on the map for surfers.A Wedding in BaliIt was such a fun weekend spent with some awesome friends in a beautiful setting. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the actual wedding ceremony as our phones were confiscated. The rugby was on at that time and I’m sure a lot of the male guests wanted to check the score – Jeff is from New Zealand, and his now wife knows him too well. 😉 Hehe

A Wedding in Bali A Wedding in BaliThe ceremony was short and sweet. Actually, they each wrote their own vows and we were left laughing so hard. They truly make a great team and I still can’t get over how damn happy they looked!! <3A Wedding in Bali A Wedding in BaliThere was a cocktail hour after the ceremony with hor d’oeuvres and we watched the sun set in a stunning display.

A Wedding in BaliA Wedding in BaliAfter we all sat down for a sumptuous feast and laughed even more at the speeches. Cathrin was the Best Woman and she rocked her speech! The Man of Honor also gave a stupid funny speech which he completely winged because he didn’t realize he had to give a speech!A Wedding in BaliThe newly married couple had their first dance and then the real partying began! I hadn’t danced in so long, so it was fun to let loose. And I may or may not have ended up in the pool that night in my dress. HeheA Wedding in BaliIt was such an honor to have been able to be there for their special day – it was such a beautiful, love filled day! And well, Bali is always a good idea!

I’ll be hitting the friendly skies again tonight as I head home to surprise my Dad for his 70th birthday! I can’t wait to be back Stateside to see my family and meet my newest nephew!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • I don’t even know her and I’m happy for her!! I love handwritten vows and short intimate ceremonies…those kind of marriages always are forever!!

    • Girl, their vows were awesome!! Jeff’s vows comprised of different song lyrics and her’s was fantastic where she wasn’t scared of highlighting her “weaknesses”. HAHA

  • Oh wow!! What an amazing venue!! I actually like the idea of a phoneless ceremony. I keep going to these weddings and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people with their phones out the whole time. We all seem to have a problem being in the moment!

    • Right? It’s like we can’t do anything without having to record it on our phones. I’m definitely guilty but I don’t think I’m as bad as some people. Doesn’t help that we’re bloggers though. HAHA

  • Jen

    What a beautiful location for a wedding wow! 🙂 I’m so glad you are able to surprise your Dad, I can’t wait to hear all about that. Have an amazing trip!

    • It was a gorgeous place! My dad was so su rprised! I’m tearing up just remembering his expression!

  • Have so much fun at home celebrating your dad and meeting your new nephew! I can’t imagine a more beautiful location for a wedding than Bali! Oh my goodness that sunset is just incredible, and the setup for the ceremony looks so beautiful!

    • I had a great time with the family!! It went too quickly, though!!!!! The sunsets in Bali are pretty epic!!

  • Looks like a beautiful place for a wedding and it sounds like you had a lot of fun too. Makes me want to get married again:):)

  • This looks like a dream! Absolutely beautiful!

  • sileas

    That’s exactly what a wedding should look like in my eyes: Full of laughter! And what a location! Enjoy your time with your loved ones 😉

  • Girlfriend, your life is legitimately a fairy tale! I’m so jealous of all your travels…this blog should just be my vision board haha but seriously, Bali looks so beautiful, and it sounds like you had a fantastic time <3

    • Ahaha. It’s definitely a different lifestyle out in Southeast Asia, but I do miss ” reality”!

  • Can I please get married in Bali?! What a gorgeous spot for a wedding! I hope that I can someday travel to all the places you visit!

    • You should renew your vows in Bali!! 😉 Bali is definitely an awesome place for a wedding!!

  • Oh my gosh, I am in awe. Bali would be the best place to have a wedding!

  • The wedding setup looks awesome and so cozy, especially those white beanbags! Bali’s sunsets are also so lovely to seeeeee, ahhhhhh.

    • It was definitely an intimate wedding which is perfect!! Bali sunsets are amazing, though we’ve been having some pretty awesome ones lately!!

  • Wow such a beautiful venue and decor!

  • Wow that is just so gorgeous, Bali is the ultimate wedding destination~ you’re so lucky you live so close!