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I’ll See You Later…

The night before I left to go to New York, I had to say “I’ll see you later” to my best friend, Bhavesh, here. I was dreading this night and while I know I’ll see him again, it’s just not the same! Expat life, for you. Our little group has dwindled and I want to sit in my room and cry! I'll see you later!

Being back in Singapore, there’s a big hole in my heart knowing that I can’t call him up and ask him if he wants to meet up after work for a drink or two. More like two times four. HA But, I’m glad that we had Hanoi (read it here and here) before he left. We always have Hanoi, baby! And Penang and Redang!I'll see you later!

The older you get, the harder it is to find a friend like that. We bonded over our common background of having been expat brats growing up and all the crazy stories that came along with that life. We’ve had some fun, crazy nights out in Singapore but we’ve also had many heart-to-hearts where we poured the tea (who am I kidding, the wine!!) and set the world right. Picture overload of some of our times together in no particular order.

I'll see you later! I'll see you later! I'll see you later!I'll see you later!There was that day with the pineapple. Enough said. HAHAI'll see you later! I'll see you later!Celebrating birthdays – mine, Julien’s (gone as well, to Paris with his awesome wife, Rose),your surprise birthday and Ana’s most recent celebrations.I'll see you later! I'll see you later! I'll see you later! I'll see you later!I'll see you later!Random days and nights out being ridiculous as always. I'll see you later!I'll see you later!I'll see you later! I'll see you later!I'll see you later!Redang – the trip that almost didn’t happen! HeheI'll see you later! I'll see you later!The last hurrah here in Singapore – brunch at Basilico. I felt like shit because I was down with a cold but many laughs were had as is evidenced below. 😉

I'll see you later!He’s now starting a new adventure in London and although I want him back in Singapore, I’m so excited for him and the next chapter in his life. I miss you so much and I look forward to making new memories with you in Europe. Or who knows where!

Love you!!

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  • Oh my heart hurts for you. I totally get it. You’re so right – the older you get, the harder it is to find those effortless, incredible friendships. Those “see ya laters” are rough!

    • They really are! But we gotta carry on and make the effort in meeting new people as well!

  • It really is so hard to say goodbye to friends, but I can’t even imagine how much harder it is when y’all are both expats. I vote that you need a trip to London to visit him soon!

    • London is definitely in the cards!! And even a ski trip is being planned for early next year!

  • Jen

    It is so hard to say goodbye. You are so right about it being harder to find good friends like that the older you get. Sending lots of hugs your way!

  • How wonderful, though, that you have such an awesome friend!! Such a treasure.

  • Wow you have so many amazing memories with your friend. How lucky are you? I hope you two can plan lots of meetups on fabulous trips together in the future.

    • There definitely will be more memories together, but until then.. Can I sit at home and cry? teehee

  • Aw man that sucks he had to leave. I know how close you guys are!

  • It’s definitely hard to find friends as we get older. We’re starting out from scratch here and oh it’s rough. I hope you get to visit your friend in London!

    • How hard is it to make friends there? It’s quite easy in Singapore, but London was soo hard!

  • It’s always hard saying goodbye to friends, but it’s definitely a great reason to visit London!


    • I love London, such a great city! And for sure I’ll be back as I actually still have a lot of friends there!

  • Sorry to hear that your friend is leaving, but a friendship like that will hopefully last forever. Here in Dubai there are also only a few ones left of the bunch we started out with, and the thing is that I don’t really feel I have the energy or motivation to go out and meet new friends, so if it continues like this, Poul and I will be sitting all by ourselves in a few years:)

    • That’s the thing, I’ve got no energy for it! At least you have Poul! I’ll be sitting at home alone with my cat! HAHA

  • Awww such a sweet post, it just warmed my heart~ how lucky you are to have such a great friend <3

  • Oh no, I’m sorry! It’s always tough when you have to say goodbye to a friend.

  • Aw!! I’m glad you have those amazing memories though!!

  • Aww friend, I’m sorry! It’s never easy to say “see you soon” to friends – Lord knows I get it with this military life. But think how great visits will be in the future! Friendships like that don’t just go away <3

    • Indeed, the military lifestyle does tear you apart from your friends, but yep, some friendships are truly forever and not just for a season!

  • I went through a similar goodbye recently that was so hard, so I feel your pain. The older you get, the harder it really is to find good friends like that. Saying goodbye is hard but it’s worth it to have a good friend like that for life.