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A Stroll Through Sydney’s CBD + Vivid

I was really excited to finally head down under to Sydney, but alas, my trip to Sydney did not live up to expectations.  And before I get bashed for hating on Sydney, it’s not that I hated it, it’s that I barely got to see any of it.A Stroll Through Sydney's CBD

Sydney was definitely not in my travel plans for this year but when I switched jobs, my new team flew me down to Sydney for the week to meet them. Even though I’m based in Singapore, my new team – including my new boss – all sit in Sydney. So I flew down in the beginning of June and let me just tell you, taking the red-eye flight in economy and then having to pretty much go straight into work is not fun. At all. I unfortunately didn’t manage to sleep much on the flight but I powered through. I checked into my hotel, took a shower and changed. I was really tempted to crawl into bed, but nope. Off to work I went. The coffee definitely helped some but by the time the day was done, I was shattered. I went back to my hotel with the intention of taking a nap, but I passed out cold and only woke up around 9pm and ordered room service. A Stroll Through Sydney's CBDI was told that that particular week in Sydney, Vivid was on – it’s apparently the world’s largest festival of light, music and ideas as per their website. So basically I caught the light show that was scattered around the city, which was basically a light show that was projected on buildings including against the iconic Sydney Opera House.  I missed out on the other offerings Vivid Sydney had, but what could I do? As June is essentially winter time down in Australia, I was not too well equipped for the weather. Mind you, its not cold cold like a New York winter, but it was definitely very nippy compared to Saunapore. My fabulous trench coat from my London days finally made an appearance, but I was definitely chilly walking around the harbour. I’m glad I made it down on that Tuesday because the next few nights were a total washout. Rain, rain and more rain. And well, I really didn’t feel like traipsing around on a chilly, rainy night just to explore. I preferred to hang out in my hotel room. #sorrynotsorry But have a peek of some of the sights of Vivid Sydney!A Stroll Through Sydney's CBD The CBD (central business district) skyline was pretty! Though I have to say, seeing the Opera House was pretty stunning!  The harbor front and the bridge all lit.  Sorry the pictures are blurry but when you’re trying to zoom in on an iPhone 6, well. Doesn’t come out too well.  Since I was getting cold, I decided to meander back to my hotel and get lost a little.  And haha that’s pretty much all I saw of Sydney, aside from my office and my hotel. But hey, it is what it is and I guess I’ll make it back at some point. Though their visa process for Brazilians are no joke, so it may take some time before I manage to get back down under! Let’s see!

Have you been to Sydney? Have you seen Vivid Sydney?

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  • No shame in hiding in a hotel room after a long day at work! That’s what I’m doing right now 🙂 sorry to have missed you in Sydney but let me know if you’re ever back around!

    • Shame we didn’t get to meet up, but we’ll make it happen either in Sydney or in Sing Sing 🙂

  • Jen

    Wow!!!! This is one place that I have always wanted to visit. It just seems beautiful!

    • I’m not sure what I was expecting, but Sydney was quite cute – the bit that I saw. They like to compare it to Vancouver, but I’ve never been. It reminded me a bit like a hillier Boston.

  • I seriously don’t know how you did the red eye and then immediately headed into work that morning! I don’t think that i would have been able to make it! At least you did get out and about a little bit while you were in Sydney, and perfect timing to see Vivid! I’d love to see it one day!

    • Say NO to red eye flights. Ha. Vivid was cool! I wish I had seen the other parts of the festival. Next time!

  • Natasha N

    I just missed Vivid by a few days when I was there two years ago. I hear you on being a bit chilly! Coming from Hawaii in June was probably a similar experience as heading over from Singapore. Sorry you didn’t get to see much of the city – I really enjoyed my time there!

    • It was about 60 degrees, but that is now cold for me!! Haha Plus the rain and wind? Hmm. Yeah. Wasn’t properly suited!! I wish I had had the time to explore more, I think I would really like it there!

  • Oy that sounds like a tough one with the long flight and immediately going into work, I probably would have slept the whole trip! haha! I love all the lights though! What a neat time to be there and get to see that.

    • It was definitely a little bonus to be there at the time seeing that it rained the whole time. HA I definitely don’t have the energy to do red eye flights anymore.

  • That’s so cool that you got to go, but bummer you didn’t get to see more! It does seem like such a neat city!

    • Definitely would have loved to have explored more of Sydney. Didn’t even get to check out all the iconic sights of Sydney… Next time…!

  • I did not even think about them being in a different season! That’s so strange to think about! It stinks you didn’t get to see more. And I would have had such a hard time getting off a plane and going into work! Well, atleast you got to see something you never had before!

    • Haha yeah, opposite seasons to the US!! Yeah, was bummed the weather was pretty crappy, but such is life!! Next time….!!

  • So beautiful there!
    PS you have to visit me because I just learned the people who live underneath us are Brazilian. They are super nice.

    • Ooh! There are so many Brazilians in Boston!! You should ask them to make you pastel and caipirinhas. Or even yet, have them host a BBQ!! HAHA