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52 Years of Singapore

Today, Singapore celebrates it’s 52nd year!

So blessed to be able to call the little Red Dot home. I am still totally in awe of the amazing skyline that Singapore boasts.  We have had the pleasure of seeing that skyline lit up with fireworks for the past few weeks as Singapore practices for the main event. I mean, do you know of any other country that practices their fireworks??!?! 
My commute into work is either quite scenic or I’m squished in like a sardine in the train, but it’s still not nearly as bad as my commutes into the City when I lived in South London.

In honor of 52 years of Singapore, check out some other awesomeness that Singapore boasts!

Want to get lost? Explore the sights and smells of Tekka Market  in Little India or explore the neighborhood of Kampong Glam.

Or if you’re more into nature, go check out the Southern Ridges and Macritichie Reservoir.  They’re both nice hikes but don’t forget to bring water!

A fun outing for you and the kids can be had at Jurong Bird Park and the ArtScience Museum. Or for something more quirky, there is Haw Par Villa but I’ve yet to blog about that!

I’ve written much more about things to do and eat in Singapore, so don’t forget to check out the “Singapore” button!

Majulah Singapura!



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  • Jen

    Happy 52 years, Singapore! I would love to visit someday.

  • Love learning from you! I had no idea that Singapore is that “young”?! Thanks for always sharing and educating us!

    • Indeed, Sing is but a new nation and one that has grown and prospered in a really short amount of time!

  • Only 52 years?! Amazing! Singapore has so much culture, and it’s definitely on my bucket list. Ryan and I have too many trips planned! 🙂

    • Sing is a great little place and definitely worth the visit!! Lots of cool things to see here for a long wknd! HA

  • Natasha N

    Two years ago I was happy to catch “practice” fireworks because I just missed the ‘real’ celebration! I still saw fireworks and jets flying in formation, so I felt like I caught a lot of the party, anyway.

    • Exactly!! Although I did hear that the actual National Day Parade etc was quite cool this year. They even had a terrorist attack simulation…! But if any country is ready for an attack, it’s definitely Sing!