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Seated Ballerina

It’s my second favorite day of the week – Friday! And umm, how are we in August already? How am I about to turn another year younger shortly? Eeeek! I’m not ready!! But let’s not talk about that and let me ask you, did you manage to see the Seated Ballerina at Rockefeller Center?

Seated Ballerina

I must admit, I had no idea this was even happening when I was in New York a few weeks ago. I always hit up Rockefeller Center when I’m back home because its not far from where my parents live and there’s Anthropologie and J.Crew there and let’s not forget the mecca of shopping – Saks Fifth Avenue. Well, for me anyway, though I do love Bloomingdale’s.

But I’m veering off track because this is not shopping post.

Right, Seated Ballerina. So my mom and I headed to Rockefeller and I was pleasantly surprised to see this massive, inflatable um, seated ballerina. I am so used to being in NYC during Christmastime, so it was nice to see it in all its summers glory. And to see something other than the tree. Seated Ballerina

I asked my mom if she knew what the purpose of the Seated Ballerina was and my mom had no clue. See! I’m not soo bad!! And obviously she hadn’t been to Rockefeller in quite some time as it’s been on display since 12 May.  It’s now gone down, it was only up until 17 July, but I’m glad I caught it. I’ve been lucky this year with unintentionally catching events around the world, like Vivid Sydney!

Seated BallerinaSeated Ballerina

The Seated Ballerina is by Jeff Koons and is 45 feet high. It’s pretty impressive. But honestly I’m still a bit baffled as to why it was up there. Does Rockefeller Center host works of art during the summer now? Because that would be pretty cool!

What do you think of the Seated Ballerina?

Have a great weekend!!

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  • Natasha N

    Wow – it didn’t register with me that she’s an inflatable until you said so! I’ve never seen a large inflatable just sitting around, expect for like a big gorilla at a car dealer a long time ago. I really couldn’t guess why she’s there because I wouldn’t have even known that the Rockefeller Center has shops if you hadn’t said so! I’ve spent one evening in NYC in my life. (Well, apart from way too much time sitting in traffic trying to drive to Boston to see family!)

    • It definitely was super random, imo, to have this installation!! Yes! Rockefeller has quite a number of shops!! 😉 as it’s pretty much on 5th Avenue as well.

  • Jen

    Wow it’s inflatable?! That is absolutely incredible! I’m always amazed at the things that people come up with.

  • HAHA classic NYC. Someone creates a giant inflatable seated ballerina? They want it 😛

  • sileas

    Interesting installation! After almost 2.5 months I haven’t made it to the Rockefeller Center yet. Too bad I missed it, but I’m sure they coming up with something new soon 😛

  • This is so cool to look at. I miss NYC! It has the best things.

  • Oh wow, this is crazy! So cool you got to see it!