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3.5 Days in Sydney

The great thing about living in Singapore is that 3.5 days in Sydney is totally feasible! Crazy, right? But hey, why not?

So here I am, back from the dead – at least in blog land. I’ve sort of been active on Instagram land. But this 2 month hiatus was totally unplanned.  And I am not planning on being away from this little corner for that long again! In the meantime, let me fill you in on what I got up to this previous weekend.  I promise I’ll also finish my Paris recap along with all the other places. Sigh. I’m such a bad blogger. 3.5 Days in Sydney

I hadn’t been anywhere since Paris; three months on the Little Red Dot is enough to drive someone bonkers. Ha. So I ended up booking myself a pretty last minute flight to Sydney to see a certain someone. I wish I could have gone for a longer time period, but unfortunately the remaining days of leave I do have for the rest of the year is allocated for Christmas/New Years – I cannot wait!!

I took the red eye flight to Sydney last Thursday and unfortunately I did not manage to sleep. I may have snoozed for thirty minutes or so but suffice to say that killed my Friday.  He knew I’d be exhausted, so Friday we kept it very chilled.  I was quite awake when I landed at 7am local time and we headed on home to chill out for a bit and for me to maybe take a nap before we went for lunch and a movie. We had a few drinks at lunch which was a mistake before we headed into the movies.

By the way – this was our first movie together and I am still pissing my pants. We watched the My Little Pony Movie. Bahaha. That’s a story for another day! 😉

Well, with a few glasses of vino in me and a full stomach; no sleep and a dark room… I passed out. It was a great way to get a 2 hour nap in and poor guy watched My Little Pony as I probably snored in the theater. HA

We had a quiet night in on Friday, I passed out again as he cooked me a delicious dinner. This is the life! 😉

On Saturday, he decided to drive us to the Blue Mountains which is about 2 hours away. What a gorgeous place! 3.5 Days in Sydney 3.5 Days in Sydney 3.5 Days in Sydney3.5 Days in Sydney

We had a late lunch in the town of Katoomba before making the drive back into Sydney. Katoomba was such a cute place, reminded me of the town in NH where I went to boarding school. We had a quick dinner by his house and had an early night in looking at options for where to go for New Years. We were thinking of heading up to Vermont and hit the slopes but not sure there would be sufficient snow at that time of the year? So then we looked into going to either Steamboat Springs, CO or Jackson Hole. But damn, flights are SO expensive! 3.5 Days in SydneySunday we woke up decently early and we checked into the Harbour Rocks Hotel for a little staycation. I had no idea where we were staying so I was super excited to see what he had booked. This hotel was super cute! Unfortunately a massive cruise ship was blocking my views of the Sydney Opera House. 🙁 3.5 Days in Sydney

We dropped our bags off and we headed to Circular Quay to catch the ferry to Manly and meet up with his friends. 3.5 Days in Sydney

3.5 Days in Sydney 3.5 Days in Sydney

Nothing like a little Sunday Funday! We ended up drinking way too much, but the weather was gorgeous and we were all having a good time. We caught the ferry back into the city and finally, the Opera House could be seen from our room.3.5 Days in Sydney

I’m not sure why, but I woke up bright and early on Monday. Must be the internal clock, thinking I had to go to work! We had breakfast in our room and just chilled out before heading out. One of my friends from Singapore had moved back to Sydney so we caught up with him for a quick coffee before our lunch reservations at Cafe Sydney. If you’re ever in Sydney, you must go eat there! 3.5 Days in Sydney 3.5 Days in Sydney

After lunch, it was time to head to the airport and say our “see you laters”. Sigh. Although my time in Sydney was short, I was so glad to have been able to have this time with him.  I most definitely did not think I’d be back in Sydney so soon after my last (and first) trip back in June, but life is full of surprises!

Now, it’s full steam ahead to year end – seriously though, where has this year gone?!?! Oh yes, Thanksgiving is next week and I’m excited to celebrate it here this year!






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  • Yay!! Vermont!! It’s already snowing there. I think we may go for our anniversary after the new year. This looked like an amazing trip!!!

  • The cruise ship picture made me laugh! That should be in your review of the hotel!

  • Natasha N

    Sydney is such a neat place! I’m usually not into touristy things, but I totally did the bridge climb and it was fun. As I said on IG, I didn’t make it to the Blue Mountains when I was in Sydney a couple of years ago, but I did see a lot of cool things. Most of my time in Australia was in Western Australia.

    • I want to do the bridge climb – hopefully next time! I feel like I’m getting to know Sydney bit by bit, so… My adventures in Australia is just beginning, I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long?!?

  • Glad you enjoyed your trip! Aren’t the Blue Mountains amazing? I would definitely live there if I could work from there. Sadly that’ll never happen so I’ll just dream about it instead, and take weekend trips! Cafe Sydney looks very nice. I’ll add it to the ever growing list!

    • You must go to Cafe Sydney – they book up pretty fast but it was delish! And a good place to take visitors! The Blue Mountains were gorgeous!! I can’t wait to head back down there and explore more!!

  • Hooray for getting back to Sydney to spend some time with your guy! That’s too funny that y’all saw the My Little Pony movie, and I probably would have fallen asleep during that movie too, even if I didn’t take a red eye and didn’t really sleep much!

    • Yes, it was great to see him!! And what a guy to not kick up a fuss and go see My Little Pony! HAHA

  • So fun! I’ve never been to Sydney before. I’m glad you were able to get a quick trip in!

    • I wish I could have stayed longer, but hey… Work beckons and unfortunately I don’t get unlimited leave!! I hope you get to Oz one day!!

  • Jen

    I’ve never been to Sydney but I would love to go someday!