Life Lately – The Past Few Months

Did someone say we’re now in December? Eeek! How is this year pretty much over? Honestly, can we slow things down just a bit? No? Ok, fine then!

I’m doing really well with this whole blogging thing, aren’t I? So let’s do a little month by month recap of the last few months and kind of fill you in. In all honesty, I’m just a massive stress ball lately because, work. And well, you gotta roll with the punches, right? So I’m doing my best and just as things seem to be ok, whack!I Anyway, I’m doing my best to stay calm…!

Life Lately

Right, let’s get started..


September’s highlight is always Formula One weekend and this year it did not disappoint! I demanded to be included in my friends room this year to watch the race from the Swissotel as they always have the best views and Tim finally invited me this year. That weekend started with brunch with friends as our good friend was in town from Zurich.Life LatelyAnd I also discovered that this place does amazing froses. Oh yeah! We had a great day together filled with lots of laughter and before I knew it, I had to make it to the Swissotel to watch the qualifiers. I was rushing to get down there but of course, traffic was a total ‘mare. But I got there in the end.Life LatelyDid I also tell you that The Chainsmokers were playing that night? I was so gutted to not have been down there in the Padang as from what I could hear, that concert was so damn good! I still had an amazing night for more reasons then one… Shhh. I’m still sort of keeping quiet on that one, but I’m sure you’re smart enough to connect the dots.. HeheLife Lately Life LatelyOCTOBER:

This was one filled with goodbyes. Sigh. Expat life is great but it has its moments when you wonder why you’re doing it. This month, I had to say goodbye to my dear friend, Cathrin. She was the first person I met in Sing and she’s essentially the last one of the original crew, but now she and her man have departed back to the land of Vikings. That would be Denmark. So there were a couple of leaving do’s to bid them farewell! Let’s say that Denmark is in the cards for next year – plus I’ve never been! Life Lately Life Lately Life LatelyAs it was October, I also went to with girlfriends to Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights. This was my third one in a row and while it’s always a fun night, I think I’m a bit haunted housed out. HA I don’t think I’ll be going again next year.

Life LatelyThe end of October, I had to say goodbye to another girlfriend, Jill, as she moved to London joining Bhavesh and Ted. I don’t have pics from that night, ooops! But I know that a trip back to London is in order as it seems like everyone I know is now in London!

That weekend was quite busy! I seem to always have too much on my plate, but might as well keep myself busy! We had champagne brunch scheduled that weekend with my good friends as it had been a while since we’ve all been together and it was a chance for a special someone to meet my friends. What a fun day! 😉

Life LatelyNOVEMBER:

November was a bit of a quieter month. I had been under the weather and laying low. I was also not really able to work out because I had strained a wrist muscle. Gaah. Nothing like getting older and your body starts falling apart! But it wasn’t fun going through physio to get my wrist up and running again. I could barely pick things up or even open the door. But I am now ok!

So the highlight of November was my quick trip down to Sydney. If you missed that post, then feel free to catch up on it! 😉 It was an awesome trip, albeit too short, down under but it was nice to finally get off the Little Red Dot after not having gone anywhere since August. #firstworldproblems

I went to my first Thanksgiving in Sing Sing! My friend cooked up a fabulous feast that left me very, very happy!

Life LatelyAnd we wrapped up November with another champagne brunch for Tim’s girlfriend who was in town from London.Life LatelyDECEMBER:

I kicked off December in Phuket for Charlotte’s 30th Birthday weekend! What a fun weekend! Our villa was to die for and would you believe it, but it was my first time staying in a villa out in this part of the world? Shocking! HA I definitely need to do this again!! Life Lately Life LatelyThe main celebration was a night at Ka Jok See – always a fun night and this night did not disappoint! It’s funny how you always end up running into someone you know there and this night was no different!

And since yes, we are quickly leading up to Christmas, the festivities are in full swing.  I stopped by one of the most beautiful bars I’ve ever been to the other night and unfortunately this picture does not do this place justice. It’s a beautiful Art Deco bar – think the Great Gatsby – and their tree was gorgeous! Life Lately

Whew! If you have made it down to here, you definitely deserve a treat! I’m now counting down the days until I get on that plane back home to New York City for Christmas and Jackson Hole for New Years! Fingers crossed it actually happens and work doesn’t throw me a curve ball…

Where are you spending Christmas and New Years?

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  • Sometimes you are just having too much fun to blog, and that’s great!
    I always appreciate your pictures of the different kinds of foods you get to experience. The cotton candy and froze definitely caught my attention!

    • I had been reading about frose on blogs/IG and so I was super excited to find a place that does it here. Plus since it’s pretty much always hot here, frose is always a good call! I LOVE cotton candy! It’s so fun and unexpected in that environment! I hope you’re well! x

  • You really have been so busy the past few months! Having to say goodbye to friends would be so hard when being an expat, but the good news is that you’ll always have friends all over the world that you can visit!

    • It looks like I’ve been busy when I put it like this, but I haven’t really felt busy? Which is good, I suppose! Yes, I’m going to have to figure out where the majority of my friends now live as inspiration for my next move maybe… HA

  • Jen

    You have been so so busy and I love it! I’m so excited that you get to be in the states for the holidays.

    • I’m really looking forward to being back Stateside!! I can’t wait to try and see everything I’ve been reading about in other peoples blogs! HAHA And to see my family as well! 😉

  • NYC AND Jackson Hole?! How fun! It’s crazy how so many of your friends move all over the world! Makes for a lot of super fun places to visit, but I know it rips your heart out to say so many goodbyes. Oy. Glad to catch up with you here and read an update. 🙂

    • It’s an ambitious trip, we’re going to be shattered with all the flying…! But I couldn’t give up the opportunity to check out somewhere new Stateside since I’ll have 2 wks back home. But girl, I seriously fell off my chair when finding out how expensive domestic flights and basic hotel rooms cost. Makes me seriously reconsider moving back to the States because I think I’ve been spoiled by cheap and luxurious rooms out in SE Asia as well as cheap flights!

      Yeah, saying goodbye is never easy!!

  • Natasha N

    We’re also headed “home” for the holidays. I’m not looking forward to the 14 hour trip with a newborn but will be glad to visit the Mainland! Expat life seems sort of like military life – people coming and going but you run into them again other times and places.

    • In some ways, yes, expat life does parallel military life. I was often asked if I was a military brat.. Most people move around bc their jobs transfers them somewhere, or they get a new job somewhere else. And then there is me, hahaha, I just move to where I think could work out, but then in my industry, there are only really a few places one can move to.

      I’m sure you will rock this 14 hour journey with baby. 🙂

  • Natasha N

    We’re also headed “home” for the holidays. I’m not looking forward to the 14 hour trip with a newborn but will be glad to visit the Mainland! Expat life seems sort of like military life – people coming and going but you run into them again other times and places.

  • Sounds like you’ve been really busy! I can TOTALLY relate that the worst part of expat life is saying goodbye, but (one) of the best part is all those new countries you have a place to stay and people to see in! I was in Copenhagen last month and really loved it, I would love to read about your 2018 Denmark adventures 😉 I can also relate to the wrist struggles lol, I hurt my wrist almost two years ago (eeeek can’t believe it’s been that long!) which has seriously impeded my working out, especially yoga. But I also think I made it into a bit of an excuse to not work out, and didn’t really look into ways to modify my workouts so I didn’t need my wrist as much… so that’s one of my 2018 goals is to find some more modified workouts considering my body falling apart lol. I hope you enjoy Christmas in NYC! I’ll be back in Michigan with family, which will be nice as it’s been a year since I’ve seen most of them!

    • The goodbyes are hard, but yep, it’s also not too bad having friends around the world that you can most likely stay with!! Copenhagen is definitely pulling me, so… Stay tuned! 😉 I’m totally off the working out bandwagon but I know what I need to do to get back into it. I have to! Especially I’m no spring chicken no more, the weight doesn’t just fall off with a couple of days of eating properly. Sigh. I hope you get yourself into a routine that works for you and your wrist! It’s amazing how much we rely on our wrists, actually. Gaah! Have fun in Michigan over the holidays, girl, I can’t wait to see what your new adventure brings – whether you stay Stateside or find yourself in another corner of the world!! 😉