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Let’s keep it real and let’s do this together. Join me as I find my way around New York City and life… I moved back last year after a long time in London and Singapore.  Life is messy, but it’s always an adventure! 

Seki Juku, Tokaido, Japan, Ise Province, Mie Prefecture, Kameyama

We all have a story to tell...

It’s so easy to make it seem like we are living the perfect life, so unless perfect means messiness and lots of mistakes, then my life is perfect! But on that journey, it’s the people I’ve met along the way that have made it all oh-so-worthwhile! I hope you’ll join me on my journey, our journey where we can laugh and cry with each other. And also, I want to know where you got those awesome shoes! 

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Books stacked on top of one another
New York, New York

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I'm such a bad blogger. Happy 2021, everyone! I was just making sure that this year was here to stay, not that life/things have magically reverted to pre-Covid days. Wishful thinking, yes! But whatever keeps you going, right? Anyway, let's kick o[...]

This Ghost Town Votes written in chalk on pavement
New York, New York

My Experience Working as NYC Poll Worker

Have you ever worked as a poll worker? Have you even considered it? Honestly, I never had considered it because I wasn't even in the US for the last ~3-4 elections. And since I'm not actually an American citizen, I never really gave it much thoug[...]

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New York, New York

Hanging Out With Super Sparrow

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Hand holding a cocktail
New York, New York

Life Lately Nov 2020

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